God, Thank you for the blessings that you have given me

God, Thank you for the blessings that you have given me and my family. May everything that I’ve done either willingly or not willingly result in your glory. God. I have made a terrible mistake and sinned greatly. It has impacted you, my family, and those who unknowingly went along with me. What happened is that I listened to someone who went to a psychic. Eleven years ago the psychic told someone I know that I had great wealth coming my way at a certain age if I went into a certain industry, and the psychic also said that I would be ok if I stayed in the industry I was working in at that time. I interpreted great wealth to mean a lot of money. The psychic also said I wouldn’t make a dime until I hit a certain age. I laughed when I heard what the psychic said, but it stuck in my mind. Well during the 7 years since the psychic’s reading, the industry I was in allowed me to pay my bills, but I wasn’t making a dime because the industry crashed, I always got passed over for promotion, I live in a high cost area, and the cost of living was growing faster than my paycheck. Well the psychic’s reading stuck in my mind all those years and the idea of great wealth was attractive because I wasn’t making a dime in the industry I was in and the needs of my family were growing. I started to think the psychic was right, and 7 years after being told what the psychic said, I acted on it and started a business that wasn’t specifically in the industry the psychic said, but was based on the psychic saying I would have great wealth at a certain age. When I started the business 3 yrs ago I was arrogant and thought I would succeed because of my business skills and I would also achieve great wealth by the age the psychic said. Well as would be expected, 4 months before turning that certain age the business failed. A friend of mine who doesn’t know anything about my motivation stepped in to help me pick up the pieces of my business. He’s been a great help, but it also keeps my mind on achieving great wealth at that certain age because of the deal he gave me when he picked up my company. I’m now 17 days away from that age and great wealth isn’t coming my way. Although I tell myself that even though my b-day is 17 days away until I hit the age the psychic said, I’ll still have 365 more days before my next birthday, so maybe I’ll achieve great wealth before then. I can’t let go of the devil’s lie and if I go another 365 days after my b-day, I’ll continue to perpetuate that lie. My actions have cost me a lot of money building that business and it’s now straining my family. I’m trying to make a mad dash back to the industry I was in all those years before starting this business, but I can’t get a job in that industry fast enough. Our lease is about to expire and we can’t afford to renew it. My wife is down to her last few shirts and her pants have holes in it. We can’t afford new clothes. My parents are supporting us, but they can’t forever. I believed that lie because the people that helped me build that business appeared in my life. Because of this, I told myself that the psychic’s reading is right and she was just another way for you to give me options with my future. I thought why would god send me these people and resources if this was really coming from the devil, although ultimately those people didn’t work out in the end. I’m here to say that I sinned greatly against you and to ask for forgiveness. The lesson this experience taught me is that the devil is a liar and that he will lead you to great destruction. Even though you warned me about this, I didn’t listen because I was desperate and convinced myself the psychic was a messenger from you. I was tempted by the idea of great wealth and went after it because I thought I could do great things with the money once I got it. I learned my lesson about the devil and I learned that money itself isn’t evil because you can do your will and great things with it, but it is evil to obtain money by following the devil. Do with me as you will, but please know that I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. In Jesus’s name I pray. Amen.

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