God, Thank you for listening and being there for me

by Virginia (La Crescenta, CA)

Dear God,

Thank you for listening and being there for me. Please guide me on what I should do with my situation. I really want to take my husband to live in Cedar Ridge Lake Arrowhead before it is too late. We bought a piece of land in 2006 and each year we made new year resolutions on top of a pile of rocks with the hope that we would build our retirement dream home. In June of 2014 we discovered he had a benign brain tumor and that it needed to be removed. So on July 2, 2014 he underwent a craniotomy to remove the brain tumor but he suffered mini strokes from the procedure and lost the life he had before. He has fought many setbacks which almost cost him his life. I promised him I would make it possible to live in that community that he had found. I found a beautiful house on 139 Cedar Ridge Drive Lake Arrowhead, CA. I have been looking at it for five years and I was finally ready to make an offer. I felt that house was waiting for me. I put our house on the market for the first time in my life and the unthinkable happens. An all cash buyer makes an offer above asking price and all dreams are shattered. This house was perfect for soul healing, tranquility and an opportunity to grow from within and to discover a new purpose in life. What do I do now God? Time is short because of our changing finances and I really wanted Jerry to experience living in Cedar Ridge Estates, Lake Arrowhead. Was this house really not meant to be? Please let me know. Please guide me.