God sit with me this Thursday stay in support and good favor of me force those to pay for harming me and escaping me without any more deals I can’t do it

by Chloe Mom (USA)

Dear god.

I first thank you for giving me so much more perspective and humility in the greatest blessing this tragedy has caused me.. I know despite the toll it’s taken on me physically and beyond there was no substitute for this lesson I wouldn’t have learned about life or myself without it.. Thank you for showering me with support in times I wasn’t always deserving of your love and support.. Thank you for having my back over and above anything or anyone ever could..

You know every minute of these last 3+ years I’ve had to endure physically after they crashed into me and hid behind their big employers who’ve actually lied under oath just to refuse their accountability..
they caused me to lose my job, my sense of purpose I fought hard to create ever since I was a child working since 15.. U were there with me I worked two jobs to go to college I’ve never looked for short cuts handouts or a fast buck from anyone not ever in life nor am I ever to start..

Still, I haven’t been able to work in over 4 years I’ve had several surgeries and I’m still recovering from the last one that I’ve come to learn more recently has rendered me permanantly disabled.. I’ve battled depression, lost every sense of purpose in life, lost every relationship and friendship as a result can barely leave my home and am always in pain even still.. I likely have a lifetime of complications or risks of having future complications at a minimum and also will forever require some form of ongoing treatment and physical impairment I didn’t have otherwise… This is the rest of my life that is my burden long after anyone forces I settle…
Dear god I’ve grown tired and defeated in this aweful process of torcher called the justice system I give up.. They protect the powerful and further injure the already week and injured they prey on that fact and every step in the process proves it

Bottom line god I’m gonna ask you specifically for that which I need this Thursday.. I thank you in advance for providing only that which u can in the face of the impossible crooks that self greed are of their sole motivation to save a couple dollars without any real cause especially since my damages are 3-5 times that amount..
I will not resolve for anything under their full limit that still only amounts to a 1/4 of my damages the reason Is while it’s true I’m tired and sick enough to try and avoid another 4 year fight the amount available to them without requiring any more fighting is at the limit not a dollar under the limit.. Still the sole intent Thursday is to save every dollar they can under limits not with any cause but only bc they can those seemingly couple dollars to them are the difference in my survival.. If they still on Thursday refuse me of I have no choice but a trial next.. As aweful as that is… I don’t have a fight in me but that doesent mean I’ve already lost the clothes off my back and now it’s time they take my shoes just for the heck of it..
I have my life my health my future health to consider when everyone’s done with me..

Still I’m told to brace myself Thursday for more dissapointment… I instead ask you to come in and help me with the only decision that’s right so I don’t have to decide.. Please make these greedy fools pay what they dare even have the nerve negotiate for my ability for 3-5 times that much is a shame in itself.. I can’t do this anymore it’s been 3 years of aweful.. I’m still Here by your grace but I’m asking for one good day, I need one victory
I need one resolve and my boundary is set and it’s more reasonable than they ever deserve me to be…

but please help them get there and do right as its available to them to stop hurting me I ask you help this manifest all that’s available is of their offering Thursday… In Jesus name I pray amen!

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