God, show us how to be more like you

by Sofia (Carrboro)

Dear Lord,

It does not go unnoticed that you answer our prayers. You bless us, and show us your love and mercy without fail. Lord I ask that our blessings increase. In every aspect of our life, shine your light, so all will know the glory of God. May we honor you and your kingdom in ways that are pleasing to you. Show us how to be more like you. Help us be fishers of men. Help us in this time of need and uncertainty to find the path that would be most pleasing to you. Help us choose the right words to say, and the right attitude. Let those who are so desperate for your compassion and forgiveness, yet too lost and unknowing to seek it, to find the first glimmer of your hope and love in us. We are your chosen, we are your elect. Help us show the world, help us prove ourselves as a strong congregation worthy of the blood of Jesus, worthy of your kingdom, and worthy to be blessed in life ever lasting, and blessed in life here on earth.

In Jesus holy name, Amen!!

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