GOD save me and my family from financial embarrassment.

by Yinka (Lagos Nigeria)

Lord you know what i need and what to do to give my life a turn around.. Lord Jesus please help me in this difficult moment; my children school fees are in arrears, my two rents are due, I am greatly in debt and to feed now is a serious problem. My father and my GOD if a miracle is needed let it happen for the impossible is possible in your name. I look up to you LORD let me not be put to shame. I am asking, I am a seeker seeking your face concerning this situation with all I have, Father am also knocking on the door of your mercy let it be opened onto me. Please give me a miracle now concerning my problems and give me the needed solution. Jesus i only trust in you, Arch Angel Barachiel, you angel of fortune please work in my favor now … Amen