God restore my dead marriage and cancel the divorce and hate that is going on.

by Stephinah (Pretoria)

Dear God,

I am in pain. All i need now is your mecry between me and my husband. You have blessed us with two beautiful girls and today my kids are suffering due to the divorce that is taking place. Please God intervene. he is a monster he is doing horrible things. He want to see us suffering and deep down he knows that he loves me and the kids. the lady who is seing does not love him. She is killing him and making him to be the bad person ever.

He requested people to come and hurt me by holding me and the kids hostage for five hours where they took my car and everything away from me and the kids and he did that again where he wanted to kill us, but i forgive him today. i want you to speek to him where he is. he must forget about all those around him who are misleading him by making him to do horrible things to his family. i miss him. Since he left the house last year i was a faithful woman i did meet with another man becouse i love him so much.

How possible is that for you to take away the hatred and anger that is rulling my husband away and make him a loving , caring person as he used to be. Today God i trust that you are going to destroy the divorce that is taking place and you are going to remove the thing that is blinding my husband from his eyes and today a miracle is going to happen he is going to talk to me in jesus name.

My kids are suffering. They are used to their father and today heis gone he is far away from them he does not care what is happening all that he want is to see us dead. i trust in you , you are goin to speak to him today. He is coming back to me. i am forgiving everyone who did all the bad things to me and my kids. For you given us a second chance you are going to help me. Bring him back to us. Please God also help my child who is not acceting this and today she is going to hospital be with her and heal her soul.

In Jesus name i trust in that you are going to help me.