God Protect and shelter me from harm

I request prayer partners to pray against the terrible things that have happened and are happening in washington state.

Most of this is organized and the criminals are supposedly working undercover for police and yes, police corruption is involved, wasting and abusing our tax dollars.

These crimes are happening ever day without public knowledge crimes such as, smuggling illegal chemicals through the dumps and recycling centers.
Using dv and homeless shelters as a means of smuggling illegals and channeling vicitms where alises are used and records destroyed and its even confidential from police. There is no protection in place for victims of these crimes.

No further investigations — cocaine and c-4 put into molds to look like ordinary landscaping rocks and trucked around from landscaping companies because they are profiting and underground criminals living underground under auto junk yards thinking they wont be detected since the grounds are covered with metal and in Offut, Washington there used to be a natural spring said to have dried up, only it was piped underground for an underground drug operation still going on with police corruption involved.

And this connects to Salem, Oregon homeless shelter where large pieces of jewelry are donated anonymously except this is remade from stolen jewelry from victims and that connects to Waldport, Oregon and the wax museum where they have an underground operation of melting stolen articles so please pray that these crimes would cease and that God would shelter me from harm and protect me every day and night

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  1. Next Stop

    It is time for you to leave planet earth. This trip has been a complete accomplishment for you and those that support you. Your mission has been a success.

  2. richardsievert

    I am here and I am will destroy everyone that try’s to take my son If there is a god and there is this is where you will see the wondrous power as it is making me and angel in the flesh If they would process cocaine without poison it could be a wonderful drug you cannot separate poison from poison I am not against the drug users as they are being used I am against the ruiner’s that take the freedom of the people to decide for themselves what is right!

    I pray ‘Washington follows, ‘Montana advice and thinks for themselves, and that includes police, judges, lawyers, and court people. Do not believe anything written on paper, in this day but to run everything threw your heart! That is what you must do. Think for yourself, men, women, just like The ‘Christ taught the real law to do.


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