God Please touch Barney with your healing hands and let us keep him

by Pat (Danville, VA USA)

Dear God, Please give Barney a full recovery. We know only you can do this. He is needed on this Earth to have a life fulfilled with Love from his fiance’, Lisa. Take the pneumonia out of his body and heal him. Please be with Lisa during this time. She needs rest and patience. She is a wonderful blessing for Barney. After seeing the picture of the truck he was driving, I know you and the angels were with him then, to stay alive. Barney has always been a good friend.

He isn’t a thief or ever wants to hurt others. He gave my crippled sister, who is no longer with us in physical body, a most wonderful day of her life. She didn’t have too many great memories but the day Barney made her smile and how much she loved him. This prayer is not for me, it is for Barney to recover and not go the other way and get worse. It is all for your glory God. You get all the praise. We love you and try to live by your commandments. I know I have had times in my past I am not proud of but I always have had a good heart. And I just pray you will help guide us and keep us from harms way. All I ask in Jesus name,Amen

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