God Please Restore My Marriage

I see the work God is doing in him. He is slowly finding his way, slowly returning to the man I fell in love with. However, each day I love and miss him more and each day the pain increases. I still cry myself to sleep each night.

God please send him back soon, please reunite us, please do not let us go another month apart. God I pray to you everyday unable to stop the tears. Please Lord, the pain is more than I can bear. God I ask that you please bring the man I love back to me. Please show him how special what we had was, how there is nothing our love can not conquer, and that you sent me him because I am the best woman for him, will be the best wife, I ask for a quick reunion so we may start our re-bonding process and continue together on the journey we started. God please break down his walls so he will let your love in, and also mine. Please hold him accountable for the promises he made to me and also to you. Please God give us a second chance to serve you together as a couple, and let us be a blessing to our families and friends. I know him leaving was not from lack of love but from fear and worry. Please fill his heart with the goodness of what once was. Please take away his insecurities, doubts and fears about us. Please give him the strength, guidance and inspiration to come back to me and please God, please send him to my open arms soon. I have never known so much pain. Please send him back soon Lord.

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