God please help us guild us and allow us to make wise choices

by Susan (Austintown OH)

Father God, I come to you in the name of Jesus, with humble and grateful heart. Thank you Father God, for the love you gave us for each other, God you have allowed our love to be tested. We made vows before you to love each other in sickness, and in poor times, and for the worst of times.

God we have faced some horrible events together, and right now we are not living together. God you are restoring us to each other, It is slow day by day process, yet you have shown us what life would be like without each other, you granted us the feeling of the deep pain and despair of that longing for each other. You heard our prayers during the night, and broke down the barriers that had caused our separation,

Today we are living a part, but now we are ready to be united and live together again as husband and wife. Thank you God for bringing us to this day,

God you know the cause of this separation, and many people were hurt in the process. I ask for the healing of the of hearts and mending of broken hearts and bring healing within our families starting today.

God please help us guild us and allow us to make wise choices in the coming days. There are still many things we need to change, and I thank you Lord , for bringing us through this valley of the shadow of death, for we almost let each other go.
Let this be the day that we start the journey home to each other