God please help my relationship

by Ben (Chichester)

Dear lord, I’ve been with this beautiful girl for 3 years now, I’ve even asked her to be my wife on a camp that was working for you lord. We have done long distance for 2 years but recently she moved down and lives with me and my family.

I understand it is hard for her leaving everything behind to be with me but I love her so deeply for it. We share the dreams of marrying and buying our first house and working for you lord.

Recently as you know lord she feels our relationship has broken down, she has wondered away from you and the last few days from me. Lord I knew times have been hard with her missing her family and I feel her pain, she has traveled back to see them however has told me from 200 miles away that she is confused about us.

Lord when I proposed to her I did it because I loved her, I truly belive you brought us togeather, after doing your work lord I drove her home 200 miles lord just so she would stay on that field where we fell for each other another week.

Lord thank you for the time I have had with her, the ups and the downs. I’m sorry lord we have taken desisions in our relationship that sometimes doesn’t involve you. But please lord help us now. Give me the oppotunity to make wrongs right, let her open her eyes to what we have and what we are going to have.

I love her lord so much from the way she smiles to the way she. Talks. The pain I have lord I pleed for you to share it with me, confort her and be with her, guide her in her days of need.

Thanks you lord so much for the 3 years you have blessed us with, I pray you grant us a 100 more and be strong withib our hearts.