God please help my broken marriage

by Michelle (Denver)

Dear God, please help my marriage, open my husbands eyes and heart, and show him that this is true love and I am his best friend. My husband cheated on me a few years back and we separated for about 3 years and he came back, but seems to think this other women that he also had a son with is his true love and best friend, when they clearly had a very dysfunctional relationship with cheating domestic violence. This woman is still in our lives because of the child and there is no respect for me by this woman and it hurts please open my husbands eyes and let him know that what he is doing is wrong and disrespectful. We have 3 beautiful children together and have been together for 17 years married for 6 1/2 please God help heal my marriage and help my husband fall so deeply in love with me. My heart is broken I refuse to loose my husband to this woman and have the disrespect continue, so please remove any feeling he may have fir this woman, and fill my husband with love and respect for me and our children. God you know my hearts desires please please help me fulfill them. Remove this woman from our live give her a man of her own, and let the only communication be strictly about their son. My children are tired of seeing me crying and hurt because of their fathers actions. Thay deserve to see your work God heal our family and our marriage and let it be so stong that no one or nothing can ever tear us apart not even the devil. In Jesus name I pray and I claim it done. Not just for my marriage but everyone who want healing in their marriage. Amen.

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