God Please help me in all aspects of my life.

by Kim ()

God I need you. I need you to help protect my child and myself. I need to grow in my Real Estate career. God I pray that you bless me and my child with a home, better finances, better health, and give me a better understanding of my purpose. God I have been so broken by men in my life to I can’t identify with the man that you may have lined up for me. Please open up my heart to identify to the person and the right people for my life which is surrounded by me. Please help my 6 year old to open up and excel in school. God I ask that you forgive me if my prayers always seems selfish but I am 35 without much stability as a single mother. Please also cover me from drinking when i get depress which is everyday. Please help me get to a healthy weight that I can deal with in my mind, body and soul. I pray for a speedy answer to my prayers. God I am worthy and I am a great person. I just need help for once because I am always helping others but when I need people, noone is here for me. ily

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