God please heal my mental illness.

by Sud (Ind)

God, I’m not feeling good. My mind is filled with fear and anxiety. Loneliness is killing me. Depression has become an inseparable part of my life. My family won’t help me because they are afraid of the shame of everyone knowing about my mental illness.

A girl used to like me but now she don’t because I told her my ugly truth, that I’m not normal. All I can do is my job, I’m a big loser when it comes to relationships. My family is my mom and dad and that’s it. God I’m thankful to you for my job and family but can you just cut off the suicidal thoughts I have everyday. I love you God, I love my family but why can’t I love myself. Am I a real bad person lord. Is there no one who can help me get out of this loneliness?

Please speak to me Father, answer me, what’s the purpose of getting born if I have to just die after living a miserable, colorless depressed life.