God please heal me and my relationship

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Hi Jesus,

Please help me. My life keep falling apart, health and relationship. Since beginning of 2020, I keep having different health issues and that led to a lot of relationship issue. Please forgive me for my sin, I know I have been sinning and I have try to correct myself, but sometimes when my life get really tough I relapse. I am not trying to trade my willingness to stop my sin for your miracle, but please whatever you have planned for me, is it ok if you show me a miracle, please show me a way to heal my health and my relationship. I tell my gf it’s ok for her to leave me but deep down I want us to grow old together. What can I do to make this happen? Please show me some guidance, please stop the constant illness attack please God. I want to live normally, I want to enjoy my life. I know there are tons of people who suffering more than me and they probably pray for a better life too. I’m asking you because I’m running out of energy. Give me courage and energy instead, please lead good people to me and help through this difficult time. I understand now that I am unworthy but please show me love. Please God. Please God help me. If someone sees this, can you please pray for me too. I’m getting really tired of battling. Help

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