God please give her a second chance

by Cat ()

God, I speak to you everyday.

So much I always feel you close.

I know you listen to my prayers, that is why I never feel alone. I never met her before but seeing the state she is in and for why she is like that please God give her a second chance. Not many people are brave and even though she knew she couldn’t swim she still dived in to save her grandson. Seeing her at the hospital with all the machines and with the fear that she might be brain damaged, God please let her have a second chance in life for she deserves it. Even though many are giving up hope, I am not because I know you have something good coming for her.

This woman is needed by her family, let her wake up and assure her family she is fine.

This is a prayer for you, Mrs. M.

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  1. god hears you

    May God hear your prayers and give your friend a second chance. My prayers are with you


    Please believe now that God have answered your prayer..with God nothing is impossible

  3. Allmighty father

    Dear God,docters can give us 50% maybe,but we know you All Mighty Father can give a hundred,and by your one touch Father this can change in a blink.We pray dear lord that she will wake up only to have been sleeping.Please God we ask you heal her know in jesus name we pray Amen…May God bless her and her family amen.

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