God please change the present state am in.

by Shirley Shabalala ()

Bless your name lord, God I need help, I have my 25 year old son & his grilfriend 28 which my son told her she can live with us without asking me if it was ok, she has been living in my home since September of 2019, & has not gotten a job to help out, they both are depending on me to support them, she has let her phone get cut off & is very content with not having it turned back on, my pray is she can go back to the state she came from because she have family there, were they can help her & my prayer is that my son can let her go because this situation is wearing me down, I was working two jobs just to support us all, this is not right & I get very depressed sometimes because I want to help but, not like this, please God left this burden from me,my son is welcome to continue to live with me because he has some issues that I can help him with, but I cannot help her to, I pray that her father who is a mister speak to her soul & implant a strong wanting in her to go home & get her life in order, she is very lost & please God create a strong conviction in him to convince her to want to do the right thing, in Jesus name go home & star her life again.

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