God only you can save my relationship

by Teresa (Hialeah, Fl, Dade)

God please help me save my relationship of 5 years, bring back my love, my friend, my partner,my other half back to our home. Please! Open his eyes and let him see is me he loves and wants to spend the rest of our lives together with your blessing.

I feel so empty with out him, I miss him dearly. Help me GOD, bring him back to me, I believe that if you sent him my way when you did it was for a reason and now that I feel I lost him I feel lost myself. God help me, pull me through. I cry every night to sleep and wake up every morning missing him.

God all I ask is for one more chance to make my relationship to workout please, bring Agustin back home to me, give me/us our stability our love, what we once had back. PLEASE I ASK OF YOU. In the name of our father Jesus Christ, AMEN.