God never fails

by Desmond (Jamaica)

I am dwelling in the secret place of the Most High. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and fortress, My God; in whom I trust implicitly. Surely, My God shall always deliver me from any entrapment satan may consider as well as from ailments and all other health related issues.

My GOD covers me with His impenetrable armour and His truth remains my eternal shield and protection. It is based on these facts that I will never be afraid of terror at any time or anywhere; as even though others might be afflicted, such will never be my case as I, Desmond Blair, have established the Lord as my eternal refuge and guardian.

My God has charged His angels to keep me safely throughout all my daily encounters so that no harm comes near me and should adversity confront me, it will be thoroughly vanquished just as my profound faith in and love for my God grows and blossoms daily.

In my quiet and lonely life, I have taken the conscious decision to always set my love upon God, Who will forever be there to guide, protect and bless me abundantly so that all my hopes, dreams and aspirations in life will become reality ” my God will always deliver on my behalf and set me on high because I have known His Name and committed my all to Him.

Whenever I call upon my God, He will answer me in good time; as He will always be with me throughout my lifes journey. My God will honor me and ensure my abundant prosperity so that with long life I will be a true testament to His eternal love and Salvation.”

Lord, I claim these promises of protection and thank You profoundly for Your Divine protection and ineffable love always.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    love, love

    I love this prayer and have added it to my daily and nightly prayers. Thank you for sharing:)

  2. Anonymous says:
    How bout some Jesus

    Many people call demons “Lord”. Use the name above all names. The name that makes Demons tremble. The name that heals. The name that created you. The name that defines love. The name that answers prayer. J E S U S

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great prayer

  4. Thembeka says:

    I never feel like tis reading pray feeling like touching all part of my life.I love God you saw my need of prayer need of protection and healing and future prayer.i cant say more.i trust God .may God keep you to save us with such prayers.i cried and feel like saying i trust GOD and my hope is back.thank you

  5. Anonymous says:
    Thanks for the prayer

    I would like to thanks the praying team of GNF, our Bishop ND and mam Bishop to pray for me during difficult time when my sister Phillistus was very sick. I send a prayer request few weeks ago, over the weekend i went home to see her , i received the miracle of God. She was unable to walk even to lift up her hands, God of mercy, our prayer are answered. She is now healed in Jesus name. She can walk now she can feed herself.

    Thanks you so much God of GNF. My life is never the same since i started praying at GNF.

  6. Tebogo says:
    Yesterday's service and prayer by the bishop

    Bishop Nhlapo give me hope and strength with his prayer yesterday and he made me believe that no matter what happens in ur life u must believe that God is always next to u and everything is going to be fine.

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