God needs to forgive me.

by Needs Forgiven And Help (FL)

My enemies and my exes cursed me and now God won’t listen to me. I need someone to pray for me and get authority over my life and spirit from my enemies and exes back again. God won’t even listen to my prayers and I am begging every day. Priests and pastors won’t meet with privately to reslove all the spiritual revenage they are doing, they call and then I God won’t listen to me repent. I am crying everyday. I need God to give me another test or some way to fix this or chance. My ex’s new wife is so self-obsessed she had to curses and harass me and lied to the public. Please, forgive me, God, stop hating me God, they lied I am not a witch, they stole religious jewelery and a prayer diary and then lied to the church about it. I need forgiven, not tortured, I need God to help me, not to hate me. I know the women invovled lied to God. But I need my First Admendment right back in my own life. It has gone to everyday over the past 5 months. Pleases YHWH, please Christ, please Holy Spirit. Amen.