God my family is homeless we are in need of a house

by CHANEL (Port Huron Mi)

Dear Lord me and my four children are staying in a hotel room which is costing me a lot of money I am praying from the bottom of my heart and with all my soul that me and my children are blessed with a home that fits us and that my family will rise again with respect and with honor and through all this Lord I kept my face truly and high into you I am begging you for the financial support to get my family into a home that we can call our own and I am in need of a van to get me and my four children where we need to go it has been a hard and struggle time for me and my children and I am begging you for these things Lord I am on my knees crying and begging you to please bless me and my four children with a van and a house to call her own in Jesus name I pray amen

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