God loves me

by Jill (Oh)

Im in desperate need of many prayers. I am in need of an approval for my disability income. Im at risk at loosing my home and other things. They r only things i know but i will have no place to go. Ive lost so much now due to my Illness. I can no longer bare to lose more. I truely can not work to save my home. I know there are others in rdgreater need then what i am asking. Others that r way more sickly then i am. How ever this is my struggle and i know God loves me as well as all the others. So plz pray for me and all the others that are in great need. Pray for safety wellbeing and love. Pray for peace joy and may all find God. Pray for ppls health. Sickness takes so much from ppl and their families. Pray they remain strong together. Pray that all Gods animals are loved and safe. May no creature man nor animal ever go hungry. Plz pray for my loved ones Many are sick. Thank you for your love and may God bless u also. Thank you for your kindness. Amen

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