God listen my prayer

by Silvia (Scottsdale)

Dear God,

Forgive my sins forgive my mistakes and let me win in powerball let me win the jackpot tonight. I need this money I need this money to pay back debt and to help single moms with car. I have made so many mistakes but I want to make a change in peoples life. Help me I do need this money I boldly confess I need this money I am without job and I need this money to make life happen. I believe in you and I have faith that you will listen and help me. Please lift me up. Please let my dreams come true. I want to go back home to have a house to have a car to have the job I can do for good. I want to help people I want to make life happen.
Thank you God. My time has come and I will honor people I will honor you and I will treasure you for good. Please God I believe in you and I believe that you will help me please listen

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