God knows my heart

by Erin (North Carolina)

Heavenly Father,

First I would like to open my prayer with sincere gratitude for all you have done for me thus far. I thank you now as I know and feel you are getting ready to do much more.
I am tired of being a burden, I thank you for all that I have but I need and want some kind of stability. I will forever be grateful for this position and opportunity. I will work hard and with integrity. I will put my heart into all of my work. I will treat everyone I encounter with respect and kindness and will give good customer support.
I believe that this job will suit my abilities and will give me the opportunity to showcase my talent that have been graciously given to me by God.
This job would be a true blessing. I could transition from being disabled and be a working citizen and give back to the world I love being a part of. Please let my contacts work in my favor and the person that is going to be considering me give me a opportunity of having a job I could do great things with. Bless all that are on this site looking for work. Bless everyone that is weary of looking for work. Bless all that have helped me write this prayer and contributed to it. Thank you for all the support God and success I have achieved over the years but now I am just looking to branch out and broaden my outlook. It’s time to step out of my comfort zone and achieve success in a challenging field. I pray that you will intercede God and help ensure that I am selected for this job. Please wipe out any negativity in my life and bring positivity into it. Please bless me with this opportunity to support myself financially and unburden anyone else. I lay my worries on you God. They are not my own. I trust you will provide and I will do everything on my part.


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