God I’ve been praying for what seems like forever

God I’ve been praying for what seems like forever for the right friends to come into my life. Friends who love/believe in you as much as I do. Friends who aren’t two-faced and back-stabbing. Friends who are positive, will help lift me up and not tear me down. And I will be that friend in return for them. I stay positive and keep my faith in you day to day even when there’s days it’s difficult to do so and it’s just overwhelming. I pray Lord whatever I’m doing that might be hindering me from attracting the right/true friends in my life it’ll cease. God you said we weren’t created to be alone in this world. I’m tired of being by myself. Having no true friends there for me by my side. Feeling hopeless. I declare and decree no more loneliness. I trust and believe in you Father God my true friends are coming, right around the corner. No more on my own. Lord I know you hear me, you said you’d never leave us nor forsake us and I believe that. I love you and praise you for everything you’ve done for me, my family members, and future friends and everything you’re going to be doing for us in the future. I praise you and thank you. In your name I pray.. Amen.

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