God is with me forever

by Dominic ()

Dear Jesus Christ,

please keep me away from bad peoples, wanting to do drugs, as Im studying holy spirit god, take those who try to go after me, for my sister died from alcohal .lord heal me from loneliness as my family’s has left me. Lord protects me from bad hate. Cover me with your blood. Let your side be alive and be strong for 50 years. My mother father born without heat & electricity, they where
Living in igloo’s snow house. We where 1st very poor. And never known god. Thank Jesus Christ you took me by faith, only faith is too week. God help your peoples all through my life not only on my trouble times. Lord gives me future as you said in Jeremiah 29:11, for I know the plans for you say the lord, plan to give you a werefare &t o not harm you. Lord you told me a good verse that is alive. Lord gives it to me now and forever. Lord you got me back from the cross and you will keep me always. Lord I am so poor. I got good and wonderful life from you. Lord those who hurt me god I give them to you. In Jesus name amen.

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