God is my source

by SLG (Baltimore)

Heavenly father there are so many kinds of diets that promise to help me lose weight. I confess God that I have tried some of them and even thought they worked. However, as the weight came back I realize that i was not delivered from over eating and poor food choices at all. I find out how easily tempted I was. I realized God how I sought comfort from all of my problems especially my marriage through food. God this day, I realize like never before that you are my own source. I am sure there are many Godly books written about the topic one which I have read and it has not worked either.

So this day I connect to one true source the living Jesus Christ who is able to do anything but fail. I look to Lord from which comes all my help. Help me God, Deliver God given me the fruit – self control. Help me to hear that small quiet voice inside that says not to eat that, wait to you get home. Help me God to cook more for it is more healthy. Help me to wake up to the 5 a.m. alarm that I have set to exercise and to actually use the tread mill and weights you have blessed me with. I promise God to give you and only you all of the Gloria. Now I stand knowing that you have received this message and you are going to to a work in me and one others that suffer the same way I shall be a help to them. This I vow today Lord – I love you for being my god. Thanks in advance God for what you are going to do. i receive now the blessing of God

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