God is just? really?

by Flossy Ann Archibeque ()

I have loved and genuinely wanted to help hurting people my entire life. I got depression when I was 10 and I am 35 and still have it. I have fought the temptation to kill myself on a daily basis since then. I don’t want to hurt my family and I’m afraid of hell. That is the only reason I’m still here today. I want to help people and even though I have done good and been kind to people my whole life, mostly I’ve gotten hurt as a reward from it. I never see any justice when people hurt me. I never get any of my prayers answered. I have read the bible and looked at scriptures and studied it fervently. I am so angry I just want to end myself because God is not just. He was never just in my life. Nothing good ever came from following Him. I wasted my time being kind but I wouldn’t be mean like Him because I would never wish this on anyone. So much for His “love” for me! God isn’t just. I want everyone to know that. I read the scriptures and have been a good person. God isn’t just. Even though His book says He is. Its lying I’m going to put my testimony on here to prove it. Maybe tomorrow.

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