God Is Infinite Goodness

by Brother (Singapore)

Dear Jesus,

We thank you for bringing us together in prayer on this website. We thank you for listening to each one of our prayers, and we know that You, Lord Jesus will answer all the prayers listed herein.

Lord, we beseech Thee, have mercy on us, everyone of us who has posted a prayer.

Lord, bless us with the grace to have faith in Your Divine Providence.

Lord, bless us with perserverance and strength to carry on with life with gladness and a joyful heart.

Lord, help us to say, “Praise be to You, Lord Jesus for this trial and tribulation.”

Lord Jesus, anoint us with Your Spirit, that we may believe that these trials and tribulations will come to pass, and in time, we shall rejoice and sing praises to You for delivering us and answering our prayers.

Until that wonderful day comes, keep us steadfast in faith, strong in our hope and belief in your goodness, and to pray without ceasing. AMEN!