God, I’m here every night praying for my heart to heal

by Lucy (Bay Shore N.Y.)

Hello God, I’m here every night praying for my heart to heal.Its been 14 days since I’ve seen his face since that terrible night that he left and I moved out how can i ever get over this pain. I’m grateful for my family and friends that have listened to me cry and vent. I’m grateful for my job it’s definitely a distraction from the pain but none of those things erase his face from my mind none of my tears bring him back. I’m not sure why he hasn’t called or texted me it makes me feel so bad that after 12 years he doesn’t seem to care and wants to forget about it. I keep wondering what I did to deserve this only you god know the purpose of my pain you know why I have to go through this…i have faith that I will come out stronger and better person but my heart aches so bad.. only thing I can do is pray for us for our love maybe we need this space for him to come back a better man for me…i know he loves me god I can feel it in my heart that he is hurting too please dry his tears and ease his pain tell him that I’m here waiting to see his beautiful face again waiting for his embrace. I wish I can sleep next to him every night and hug him and kiss him good morning every day…only you know what our future holds and if get back together I hope is forever and better and stronger than ever. I know we both deserve to be happy. Please god protect him when he is driving that he falls asleep sometimes…please be there for him since I can’t be there I hope he is eating well I hope he is laughing and happy even if he is sad that I’m not there I still hope he is ok…tell him I love him and think about him all the time. Thank you for giving one more day here even though I don’t see him he still exist in this world because of you he is still breathing and living that’s enough for me that he is ok. I love you god for hearing My prayers. AMEN

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