God if it is possible please let me find a job

by Carolyn R (Fl)

God in heaven

Please bring my husband back to me.please. God forgive my sins as i forgive his. God you know how much i love my husband and how much pain we have caused each other. God in heaven you know everything and it is your will not my oen buy i beg you please in the name of jesus christ please bring my husband back to me and let us live in love and be together for the rest of our lives.please God let everything be in the past .please God let no man nor woman come between us in any way. Please God let my husband miss and love me and come back to me quickly . i have all my faith in you father thank you for everything. I also pray for my children that they are happy and achieve everything good thank you God.in jesus name i pray please God if it is possible please let me find a job i can do and a house for me and my family i can afford thank you lord in jesus name i pray. Please god amen

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