God I pray for a day full of serenity and hope

by Caylyn (Killen Alabama)

God I pray for a day full of serenity and hope. I pray you can clear my path of troubles and worrisome. I pray that with everything I touch I can bring light and joy to those things and people, as you do for us. I ask you Lord to reign down on our enemies and allow us to love them in hopes they can love us back. I ask you Lord to please clear our path for the day and let us begin new . With your love I can do all as long as you are right next to me. I pray for the hurt and confused out in this world who need your light to shine on them and lead them your way, the Only way., God’s way. I pray you give us open minds and endless Love in our hearts . Lord please help allow me to take on the day with only intentions of bringing others closer to you . I will only show love and peace today, I pray you help me keep the negative out of mind so that I can continue to show others your love. I thank you for today, yesterday and I already thank you for tomorrow. I love you . Amen

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