God i come back to pray to you ever since i walked out from ur company

by Rohan (India)

Dear god

I come back to pray to you ever since I walked out of our company as an atheist. I have seen your miracles and i am ready to accept you as my saviour. I don’t get sleep, I am jobless and still studying at age 37, and I feel everything is dark around me. my nights are lonely and i am depressed. I am all alone and not even my dad can help me, he too is undergoing depression and doesn’t care a damn about what I am going through. my family has split apart, and all i feel everyday is to pull the plug off life from me, but i am so scared to commit suicide. everyone says i am being negative and an attention seeker, but all i want is a little hope and love. my mom passed away due to dementia in 2015. i gave up everything i had to take care of her. no one in the family came forward as a caregiver to help and support. and now when I am all burnt and wasted out, I am being ridiculed by everyone for being an attention seeking a person, which I am so not. i want to end my life but i am too chicken to do that. please i beg everyone to pray for me. I am losing my senses, I am sick always, and my immunity is on an all-time low. it is dark and very dark around me 🙁 i cannot express the pain i am going through, even as i type this. please help me. i need prayers 🙁

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