God I ask you to visit me,

by Bob (Gjoa Haven)

God I ask you to visit me, for I need your answers to my life. God I know you you know me, and you know me better than I do. God, I walk this life with only my hopes in you and that is one of two things that keep me alive, the other is family. God just tell me you are there when I am lonely and just tell me you are there when I am abused. God I can’t get out of this situation without you, and its been long enough.

God there is nothing when you are not with me. God I am lonely and unhappy, please meet my hopes for I live by my hopes and God I am not perfect but I am tired of being violated by the enemy. God I need you to cleanse me with the blood of Jesus and I need you to fight my enemies. God, my enemies are not like you, they are not kind and loving like you, God my enemies are devils and they live all around me in my community.

God, please hear me, because this unhappiness is lifetime since I was concieved, going to 32 years God it is a long time.