God I am praying that you will bless me indeed

by Candice (USA)

God I am praying that you will bless me indeed and enlarge my territory. For that my needs be met and inline with your perfect will. Help me to take care of my child in all aspects with love and financially. To cancel my debt and help me in all my situations.

Keep me lifted and not depressed. Make me the head and not the tail. Forgive me of sins and help me to be a blessing to others. Allow me to keep you first and trust in you. Restore what is mine. Bless my fiance’ to come back home so that we can start our life the right way. God just lead me and guide me on the right track. Cleanse my heart and remove all doubt and stumbling blocks. Give me peace love happiness joy.

Boost my determination and help me to conquer all. Father God I come to you as humble as I know how I ask that you grant me this prayer in your name God, Jesus Christ and my intercessor, AMen!!!!