God, I Am In Your Hands

by Rlc (Staten Island,Ny)

My dear Precious God,

You are all wondrous. I pray that you lead all of us to employment to help ourselves, family and community. Help us mend our hearts from financial disabilities, divorce, mental affliction and illness.

I pray to you God not only to help me through these afflictions, but to help us not to feel alone during these afflictions. We need your help especially, during these Holidays. I know your are there to help us in need and also when our lives are on the straight path. All I want for Christmas is a satisfying job to help my family, and employment for everyone else.

Give us strength in numbers to change this economy and to help others that we touch through our lives. I thank you God for what I do have, and I know others thank you. I pray that you help all of us gain strength to improve , change what is wrong in our lives and that we work together with love , respect and compassion to regain positive outlook for our lives.

Love You God, I believe in you, always in my heart.XOXOXO

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