God, I am asking for guidance for my mind and my heart

by Jay (Houston,Tx)

Dear God,

I am asking for guidance for my mind and my heart. I was in a 5 year relationship with my high school sweetheart, We are currently in the midst of ending it all. We got together when we were 15 & now we are 22. We went to the same college & a lot transpired. We have basically been trying to grow into our own person separately but still maintained being together. We are having the hardest time letting go of one another. I changed my number & tried no contact. We did miss each other & reconciled however, I want for us to both have the sign that you want this to be a continued relationship or do you want us to continue being a part. We truly do love each other & it hurts not knowing what our future will be. We are currently working on our faith separately so that we can build our own personal relationship up with you God & If we get back together we will seek you together as it should be. I just want a clear sign if this is where both of us should be.