God I am 44yrs old but just as you gave Sarah a Child for Abraham I Pray

by Susan (Tomah, WI USA)

Dear Heavenly Father Please answer this prayer, I am not worthy of your help and I know I have asked you for many things thru my life and I didn’t always understand but I could always feel you with me Jesus knowing right from wrong and although I stayed a Virgin until I was 28yrs old and Married and a year and a half I got pregnant but I was going to school to be a Nurse and I didn’t want to be pregnant I told you I wanted to finish school to make my parents proud and I lost both twins.

I finished school but I didn’t pass my boards. a year later I lost my Father, You showed me it was going to happen before it happened like I was suppose to stop it but I couldn’t and he never seen a granchild or me as a RN.

Then my Mom gets Cancer back after 20yrs and I prayed you would take her Cancer Away and like that it was gone for 7yrs you gave me my Mom then in 2008 it came back and she lasted until 2009.

Oh Jesus!! I Miss her, she was my best friend my confidant, She was my Mother and Thank you so much because you gave me the best one and when she died I didn’t understand why??

Why now when I needed her most but then I found out I had a gangrene gallbladder and I would of died because I would not of went to the Doctor as long as my Mother was not well and I would of died in front of her and then she would of died.

Please God although I know my Mother and Father will not see this child I know they would want me not to be alone on Earth by myself.

Jesus, you walk with me everyday I can feel you near me and Lord I wish I was Strong enough to say that is enough and it should be, I am but a weak woman with Arthritis,Rheumatoid,high bp, Fibromalgia depression, anxiety, The Doctors have me on alot of medicine for it all because I am disabled with two tears in my left knee and need them both replaced.

I will Gladly come off all my Medicine if you help my 54 yr old husband and I to have a child made up of both of us, I keep seeing her in my dreams Will you Jesus Christ Almighty answer my Prayer and make my Dream come true about the little girl.

I thought with both my Parents there with you all I needed to do was sit back cuz my Mom would tell you and beg you for me to become Pregnant and Only You can make Us bring life into this world.

My Savior Please, Please let me have that baby girl I seen Please bring my Husband’s essence and my essence together to make a Baby and Please I beg you Please don’t ever take her away, I couldn’t bear to have a MisCarriage.

I was Supid, selfish, superficial, and not worthy of a baby and now I still am not worthy but I ask you anyway to forgive my sins I am more than sorry for them and don’t deserve your forgiveness but I know if I ask you for anything in your Name you will grant it.

So Jesus Please let me get Pregnant and have a healthy baby I ask this in your Name and your Name only. Jesus is one with Our Lord so I ask it in Jesus Name. And help all these people who have come here to Pray in your Name Jesus Give them what will be best for them as you see fit. Holy Father Please never leave me, I would be lost without you. Love Susie