God Help Our Family In Our Finances

Dear god I ask that you please hear my cry, I have had almost everything taken from me, us, my family but our home. I first lost my job, leading to our truck. I know that it may seem so wrong of me to ask for your help financially but we are up for rent and have already got an eviction notice to leave in 3 days today marks one if I can not come up with the money. I have tried so hard to sell any and everything of value that we have and I feel so horrible as a mother of 5 to be struggling like so. So if you can just hear my prayer and help me with a job or help me sell my belongings or whatever it is to make this rent payment so that we can still try and get back on our feet. I’m not asking for a hand out I have worked all my life and had my stable job for 5 years just hear me out and guide me and my family in which direction I need to go bc at this point the only dignity I feel I have now is our home.!! In Jesus name we pray amen.!!

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