God Help Me. Urgent:

by Stacey (Windsor, Canada)

Please pray that someone over turns wsib decision. I was injured at work in 2009. It is now 2011 and compensation turned me down again. Now I have to claim bankruptcy. God help me I told the truth but the employers lies are winning.

Why god am I suffering when Im the one who told the truth. I was injured at work. Please God I need this wsib to survive. I have lost almost everything now. I have contacted MPP. Obudsman. Everyone for help.

I was injured at work. So why are the employers getting away with their lies. If I was lying why am I the one claiming bankruptcy. Why am I the one trying to borrow money to survive. My husband does not make enough money. Drowning in debt due to my injury at work. GOD I WAS INJURED AT WORK. PLEASE GOD MAKE THEM SEE THAT AND OVERTURN THE WSIB.