God, help me to loose weight.

Dear God.

I know it is unhealthy for any person to become obsessed over something that is not You, but I am really tired of being fat. Maybe I see myself fatter than other people see me, but it is really straining me.

Lord, will you please give me the strength to say no to all junk food, suger and unhealthy products. Please help me to controll cravings. Please strengthen my mind, so that I won’t give up on myself and my goal. Help me to get rid of al the fat and cellulite that is bothering me. I am not asking You to cure my fat overnight, but I ask of You to give me the strength to do it on my own and to do it the healthy way. Please help me to stop looking at myself in dismiss, but to see the beautiful in me. Grant me the peace to let go which I cannot change God.

I really need you. I know I can’t do this on my own. Please help me to loose weight.


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