God help me to find the right job

by Maria (USA)

Almighty God, I have travelled a difficult way over 10 years. I have worked hard; try to settle myself and therefore to establish my family. It has been almost 2 years since I laid off, and getting only part time jobs; suffering with financial problems. I am suffering too as liars are following me. O God you have seen what happened today at my work, while working honestly in good faith, someone lied about me, which is still secret for me, and the boss run out of her office to fix the problem, asking what happen? What happen? It was new for me and I asked what? I tried to talk politely and try to calm her down, she couldnt listen as she was full of false information, she couldnt see what was really happening, didnt try to observe or check what I was doing. I tried to be patient. My patience considered as my fault. Oh my God please open the truth to all of us.

O God, take up my cause! Defend me against these ungodly people. Rescue me from these unjust liars.
O God, you have seen the last two weeks the jobs I accepted were snatched from me three times, given to someone else. God help me in this situation; cleanse all these grieve from me. I have been I applying to employment centers hoping to get the right job, but have never occurred. I need your support, your grace to shine down on me and my family, bless me with the right job and honest people.
In Jesus name Amen!