God help me receive my identity document

by Sandra (Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa)

dear God

I have been applying for my identity document at our local home affairs since 2009 till to date 15 september 2014 all to no avail. I can not further my studies, can not get a job and my daughter does not have a birth certificate all because I don’t have a identity document. my lord you know how I have suffered because of this identity document. I believe that it’s my time to receive my identity document grant it to me my lord so that my life can change for the better. God I believe that you have received my prayer and you greater and have solved bigger problems than an identity document. May every evil spirit and obstacle that’s standing between me and my identity document be cast out in the name of jesus. my words and my prayers have tremendous power over the power of darkness. I claim and I receive my identity document In the name of jesus. Amen

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