God help me Provide for my family’s financial needs

by Jairos (South Africa,Lebotloane)

Our father in Heaven,the creator of heaven and earth and provider of our needs.You know how my financial life has been and how it stands now and the implications on me and my family.
I understand Lord I have made some not so wise financial decisions which have placed me in this financial quagmire but I trust you will forgive me for making such a decision.I’m facing a layoff and i felt the need to have an alternative should that happen.
You have always be provident God and i know you have always come to my rescue when I least deserve it.
My prayer to you is not about wealth but meeting the very basic needs of life for my family which include rent and s chool fees for my family.
I turn to you now because every time I have turned my face towards you,you have shown me mercy.
Those investments where I have put substantial amounts of money ,I pray that I get the anticipated returns.In the name of Jesus Christ..Amen

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