god help me in my financial problem

Dear lord,

Holy father , please listen to my heart and help me. Iam terribly upset. I need you . I helped one of my friend lending him some big amount of money using my credit card. I did inorder to help him.I knew my family wont support me for lending money so i had to hide this mater from my husband and parents.Now i lost my job. Even my friend to whom i lended lost his job. Bank is behind me for giving back this money. My friend said he will pay this debt. But its taking time for him in arranging this money. Please lord help him in paying my debt very soon. Else i might even go to jail.Iam pregnant now that iam not well enough to go for work.

Iam really sorry father for being irresponsible. I will not do this again. please help me lord. Help me.

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