God Help Me

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I’m wondering if God cares about me an my children an husband why are we suffering so much. I just gotten married four days ago. Every dollar we had is gone trying to pay bills an eat. We got married to be honored in the lord’s eyes as well as we love one another but ,Lord if your in the prayer answering business today please look upon me an my family we don’t have food to eat,don’t have money to get to an from work with gas, nor pay our bills everything is piled up. It’s never been this hard for me in my life so I wonder was I supposed to stay in sin it seems like my life was much better when I was a cheater a liar but I gave all that up to love God my now husband an we can’t make ends meet at all when we are doing the right things .God said he was my shepherd why am I wanting? God said all I had to do was ask an I’m begging still no word from God ,still no help from God.What am I supposed to continue doing? He say trust an see that the Lord is good we’ll who is he good to the evil ones because that’s who seem to be on top an we are past the tail so I’m wondering should I still continue to trust this God or try my own way ?An it will get me some cash but it’s not what I want to be doing is god leaving me no other choice please pray for me if you can. I don’t know any other way to turn

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