God hears you fellow brother sisster

The fact that your drawing near to god, proves his drawing near to you.

if we could manage life ourselves, we wouldn’t need a God.
Sometimes sin stops God moving in your life, sometimes we have to wait.
a carpet weaver has a vision, a process, the material, the ability.
there are two sides to a rug. one side show a process, the other side show the result.
My dear Brother, sister we are in the process, your breakthrough is coming.
pray this prayer;
heavenly father forgive me for doubt and unbelieving, i now give all my problems into your hands, what i can do i will do, what i cant do you will do.
like peter i must not look to the storms of live or i will sink, but i will focus on you.
heavenly father i am going to have confidence in my heart and in my words.let me not allow the enemy to have voice through my mouth, but i would praise and honor you wit h my mouth. thank you heavenly father that even though i don’t jet see the answer to my prayer i can going to look out for it with faith.
brother sister your not alone, i came hear wanting prayer for so many things but instead found a greater need to stir the gift of the saints and let us all pray until we see the answer that God has.
love you all in Christ. a brother

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