God Heal ALL who is sick and crippled BLESS EVERY PERSON

by Rhonda (Thurmont Maryland)

God please help Pug Finneyfrock of Thurmont Maryland as he has parkinsons disease. Please help Pug in his own favor and heal his muscles and brain so he may feel better and love happier. Help him to heal inside and take away all tiredness and distress in his body and mind. Please Jesus Heal his brain so his body may function. Please Jesus heal his muscles and let him be able to move around without difficulty. please Jesus Heal Pug Finneyfrock in his own favor heal him to be strong and walk.

Please Jesus help us spread your word to others who need to know you, and Jesus help the people of the world to realize there doesn’t have to be hate and war. People can join and make life happy and care about one another. In Jesus Name I Pray….

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