God, give me strength and courage

by michelle ()

l live in a 4 house unit. 2 of the homes are alcoholics and are constantly banging down, spreading gossip about me or making fun of me to friends. One home has my Mother who has always been physically, mentally, emotionally and verbally abusive towards me. l am 58 and she is 88. She is able to get out and do her own thing but over the years she has gotten more sharp with her tongue and more abusive, swearing at me, which she never did years before and l am scared of her, like walking on eggshells, because unless l am doing something for her, she can change moods in the blink of an eye, putting me down, telling me l was a mistake and never good for anything and a failure all of my life. l have a very good friend who told me basically to stay away from her and to stop putting myself in the line of fire by going up to her house, but l love her and all l ever wanted was for her to love me too. The lady in the 3rd apartment, lives alone and is friends with the two alcoholics and they drink everynight together and this lady has befriended my Mother and finds out what my Mom thinks of me or what my Mom says l have done wrong and then goes to tell the people above me, the 2 alcoholics and they have been trying to have me evicted for 2 yrs now … My Mom also talked to the lady she befriended and believes it would be best for me to be evicted and l was living here first and there was never any problems until my Mom moved in. My Mom was friends with the neighbors until she had a fight and they have since been banging down, talking bad about me and l don’t have alot of money to just find a rental and a moving truck to move. l need a miracle to help me with this problem because l had tried suicide 3 yrs ago over this and l don’t want to do that again, but l pray to God and all my guardian Angels to protect me and watch over me because l am literally getting such severe Migraines, l have to go to the Clinic for medication they can only give me and l am not able to keep food down because l am a nervous wreck. l am not living , l am existing one day to the next and l don’t know what else to do, l am begging for any kind of prayers to give me the strength to withstand this stress and fear of what might happen next. Thank you

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