God give him a new life

by Love (Lagos, Nigeria)

My husband has been involved in gravious sins especially sexual immorality with both teenagers and adult women,

He has been married severally but the women always left. I married him because he wasnt a happy man when i met him and when eventually he started becoming lively with me then we married and blessed with 2 kids.

but recently i found out all these dirty habit and became angry and realised that these were the reason other women left. He continued to cheat even while were married. but he noticed that i had already start packing my belonging out of the house and i asked for a divorce. but he quicly ran to the church and told the senior pastor of his problems and the fact that i wanted to divorce him.

He quoted to the pastor that even if i refused to forgive him; he wanted to be a changed man and want to be in line with God Almighty trhough Jesus Christ. I am worried because though he is trying to act changed but PLEASE pray with me so that God will truly change him in Jesus Christ Name Amen.

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